We here at Madfins, take a pride on what we do, and we always put our anglers at the highest satisfying level to ensure customer service is full filled. Many of our friends and new customers have been saying a lot of nice and really interesting things about us.  Here are a few of the wonderful things they have had to say:

•"I received a new custom made fit rod 9' 5wt 4pc Mid-Fast.  And truly how wonderfully it cast into the wind. Your service and design is top notch above everyone else.

Eric (Gates, OR)

•I want to thank for your help on the selection of flies on the river the other day. Very few people will take the time and show how presentation is it's done. Keep up the good work!!

Craig (Boise, ID)

•Your flies handled up to the extreme, especially on the Italio River, I've been guiding for years and how wonderfully your flies' hold up, on so much beating it gets. 



•I receive a brand new custom rod and hand tied flies. How wonderfully they held up. I couldn't say any other way, "I would like to say hats off, to you and your custom work" THANK YOU.

Doug (Meridian, ID)

•Thank again for all your help. My brand new equipment has arrived and thanks for the follow up to make sure I enjoyed my new toys.

Brian (Novato, CA)

•You guys do a great job!  Even putting a class together and your daughter has quite well on help us.

Ron (Caldwell, ID)

•I have never fly fish before, until we had our outing. WOW, it's a blast. Thank you and your helpers for all the tips and info.    

Tara (Boise, ID)

•Your online store has been very helpful. Thank your for all your help getting my vest and rod to me ASAP. Oh by the way "Thank you", keep on what you're doing.

George (Jackson, WY)

•Normal l get really tiered of owners bashing on other shop, because they have better quality goods then other. This shop is different, always kind and nice to say good things about others. I know where I'll be spending my money at.

Dan (Caldwell, ID)

•I like to support family owned shops and this one is on my list for life. Friendly advise and always go to the extreme. To ensure we enjoy the outdoor. 

Alice (Nampa, ID)

•I just receive my custom rod built to the exact spec. And knowing I was a bit skeptical, never heard, or seen is his rods design. Great job, well performance on the water and in fact I bought a BTS series 5wt. Keep up the good work, and don't let any one else fool you other wise. 

Mark (Edinburg, VA)

•I would like to thank you for your suggestion on the spey rod you built. It made a big difference on the drag and fly line. And great selection on steelhead flies. Thank you and keep up the great work you've done.

Mike (Lewiston, ID)

•I ordered flies on the last minute, knowing my trip is on the next day. Great service and even took the time to dress them, so I'll have more time to fish. Excellent.

Tom (Caldwell, ID)

•I've accidentally broke many rods in the past and always have 2 to 3 back up on every trips. The last thing you hear is a gun shot going off and knowing this was your last rod.  Called up for a replacement and to see how long is it going to take? A brand new rod was delivered by hand, and even lends his own personal rods collection to make sure I had a enjoyable trip. While the other 4 was getting work on. Sweet service..Thank you and my friends thank you as well!!

Anthony (Meridian, ID)

•I have landed nemours steelhead on every fishing trip. His SSJ series is top notch down to the reel seat. Mending does really well, quick response on a pick up. Flies, even hold up and look new at the end of the day. Great job on the work you've done.

Martian (Meridian, ID)

•I would like to say thanks. Your help not only with getting outfitted with some of the equipment I needed but taking the time to show me that its not how you cast your line but how you present the fly.

Jose (Caldwell, ID)

•Ed: I wanted to thank you for all your help with my fly rod. Also I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the outing to  Oregon, Keep up the good work.

Andrew (Moses Lake, WA)


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